10 January 2021

Welcome to All Saints Centre, Huthwaite

Huthwaite’s community centre, the All-Saint’s Centre, opened in April 2006 and is now providing modern, multi-use facilities to the local community. Built on the old All Saint’s Church Hall site, on the corner of Common Road and Blackwell Road in Nottingham, the community centre offers an overly broad range of facilities including a large hall, meeting & conference rooms, a consultation room, and a community cafe.

All Saints School run their Pre-School for 2-5-year olds here and they also provide a base for Sure Start’s Children’s Centre and they are a venue for many Adult Education Courses.

You can support The All-Saints Centre by taking your empty ink cartridges and old mobile phones to our Cash 4 Cause recycling box in the local Co-op.  17-25 Main Street, Huthwaite, Sutton-in-Ashfield, by taking your empty cartridges to the Co-op we guarantee to give 100% of the value directly to The All-Saints Centre and also ensure the empties end up n the right hand.

At Honest-Inks Ltd the most Environmentally friendly solution is always found and worked towards, so we ensure that no empty cartridge ever ends up in landfill or incineration.

So, you can feel good too, that by donating your empties to raise money for All Saints Centre Huthwaite is also benefitting the planet too.

6 January 2021

Where does your compatible cartridge go after you have used it?

Sad but true, if you buy compatible cartridges for your printer you are highly likely unknowingly contributing to the eight million tonnes of plastic being dumbed into the sea every year.

It is killing and harming marine life.

  • Turtles eat plastic bags mistaking them for jellyfish
  • Seabirds are found with their stomachs full of plastic items
  • Plastic debris can get lodged in coral and affect the health of reefs
  • Microplastics are consumed by animals like plankton, passing the problem back up the food chain – to us.

Plastic is found in the deepest reaches of the ocean, and even in remote Arctic sea ice. It’s a sobering example of our footprint on Earth.

We all know about carrier bags and plastic cups and cutlery being a problem and we have all seen a change recently in how we use and manufacture these items.

Printer cartridges are no different they are made from plastic.

But What can we do to help?

As a business Honest-Inks ltd has guaranteed that the best sustainable and environmentally friendly solution is found and worked towards.

We have created the most sustainable circular economy business model that ensures cartridges can be sold and recycled sustainably ensuring that if a cartridge can be reused it will always get reused and it will only be recycled if it cannot first be reused as a cartridge.

As individuals we can also help by making small lifestyle changes, like recycling more and reusing old products before recycling them, you might think your contribution is small, but together our collective action is powerful.

Regarding printer cartridges, we can help enormously with reducing the worlds CO2.

You can recycle your cartridges with us knowing that the best environmental solution has been found and you can choose to buy a remanufactured cartridge instead of a compatible one knowing that 3 litres of oil has been saved in what would have been used to make a new one.

17 December 2020

Team Vinyl

We are pleased to let you know that Team Vinyl a local community group that support many great projects in Rainworth & Blidworth received an amazing £1516.38 from the Co-op funding for local causes 2019-2020.

We though that as we are supported by the Co-op as well as they have kindly given us permission to site recycling boxes in co-op stores across Nottinghamshire that we would continue to support Team Vinyl in 2021 and beyond.

You can help us to do this by taking your empty ink cartridges and old mobile phones to our Cash 4 Cause recycling box at the Co-op in Rainworth.

100% of the money raised from the recycling of ink cartridges goes direct to Team Vinyl to continue to help them with the great work and projects they support in and around Rainworth in Mansfield, Nottingham.

14 December 2020

We need your empties.

Unfortunately, more than 375 million empty ink and toner cartridges are thrown out every year, and most of them end up in landfill sites and we want to stop this.

 11 cartridges per second and 1 million cartridges per day are thrown away. For a print cartridge to fully decompose it can take up to1000 years, which gives you an extent of how damaging these cartridges can be to the environment.

If you recycle your printer cartridges with us you conserve energy and natural resources, as you reduce the energy needed for the materials. By recycling, around 11 million gallons of oil can be saved in just seven months. Since 97% of the materials used in printer cartridges can be recycled, this means the waste could be reduced to only 3%.

Recycling with us means that your empty cartridges ALWAYS end up in the RIGHT hands.

11 December 2020

Our customers decide who we give to and they chose St Michaels Church Farnsfield.

We have been told that St Michael’s church do so much for the local community.

They work closely with Farnsfield Community Spaces, a community volunteer group who get involved in environmental tasks to improve the physical environment in and around Farnsfield.

They have recently become involved in a project to restore the Village Lock Up However funding through National heritage lottery has recently been redirected so alternative funding is being sourced.

Due to the Covid 19 Crisis, Community Spaces has diverted some funds to local projects and charities and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. The volunteers have been helping to deliver information from the Parish Council and other sources and have helped out with other aspects of social isolation caused by Covid


You can help us support the local area of Farnsfield by taking your empty ink cartridges and old mobile phones to our Cash 4 Cause recycling box inside the Co-op at Farnsfield.

100% of the money raised will go directly to St Michael’s Church & we look forward to hearing about all the local projects they use the money for to help & support.

Thank you

11 December 2020

Why is recycling your ink cartridges with us a GOOD Thing?

Honest-inks ltd have been in business since 2012 and the owner has over 20 years’ experience in the industry the company was created to offer a better way to buy & recycle printer cartridges.

We have a Cash 4 Cause recycling scheme that means anyone can give us their empty cartridges and the money made when they are sold goes direct to local projects that our customers care about.

Being supported by the Co-op we have recycling boxes for you in your local Co-op stores across Nottinghamshire to donate your empty ink cartridges & old mobile phones each recycling box raises money for a local community project, good cause or business.

For example, take your empties to the co-op in Bingham and you are supporting Bingham Penguins Swim Club this is a club for people with disabilities, their families and carers and has been running for nearly thirty years. The club is a charity, run entirely by volunteers and funded exclusively by donations so we are pleased we can support them.

Another example is AMC gardens, established in 2001 Arkwright Meadows Community Garden is a thriving community project. The Gardens are a green oasis within walking distance of Nottingham City Centre. We are open to visitors throughout the week providing a place for relaxation and recreation.

AMC Gardens is run by local people and provides the Meadows with a well-loved resource which reflects and celebrates this vibrant and diverse community. You can help us raise money for them by taking your empty ink cartridges to the co-op in the Meadows.

You can find out other locations and what charities we support by visiting our website or Facebook pages.

The reason we do this is because it is important for the empties to end up in the right hands. 

Honest-Inks Ltd are the Number 1 printer cartridge supplier for the environment and our unique circular economy business model ensures that the best environmental & sustainable solution is always found and worked towards.

We ensure that the five-step hierarchy of waste management are always followed and guarantee that any cartridge that can be reused gets reused and those that cannot get recycled.  We work with other companies locally to guarantee that every cartridge we collect that can’t be reused gets turned into something new and that nothing ever goes to landfill or incineration.

The sequence that gets the greatest benefit from any resource is to reduce first then reuse then recycle, we are doing this by increasing the number of cartridges thar are reused by being remanufactured.  It takes up to three litres of oil to make a new cartridge & 20 times more energy to make a new one than to reuse one.

Buying remanufactured cartridges is a better environmental choice and can save you money.

03 December 2020

Welcome to the Friary

Why do we support the friary? Here’s why..

The Friary is a well-respected registered charity with a distinctly Christian foundation which operates in the Nottingham area. The Friary’s mission is to empower homeless and vulnerable adults to rebuild their lives by offering practical services, advice and emotional support.

We are determined to cater for the needs of the most vulnerable in our society by supporting people into recovery and advocating for those without a voice. Every year the charity caters for 15,000 visits from local people who are suffering the effects of homelessness, substance misuse, financial destitution, and social isolation.

Their Story

Their story is rich and diverse. Founded in 1988, the Friary was created to meet the needs of the homeless in Nottingham. Originally a drop-in café to help the hidden homeless and vulnerable in our own neighbourhood.

Founded by Ann Bremner MBE, the Friary is now a UK registered charity maintaining its distinctly Christian ethos to serve the poor and opens its doors on Musters Road in West Bridgford  6 days a week.

Responding to the ever-changing complex needs of the homeless, they have tailored their services into the extensive provision today. They continue to meet people who are hungry. In addition to the very real housing & financial problems, individuals often face a host of other challenges including mental & physical ill-health, substance misuse & addiction, social exclusion to further compound these difficulties, unemployment, illiteracy and sometimes domestic abuse. Substance misuse is now more prevalent than we have ever seen.

Their mission is to help homeless and vulnerable adults to rebuild their lives by offering practical and health services, advice and emotional support. Their commitment is to help people individually by offering advice and support which is accessible and free to anyone who needs it. They achieve this by the ongoing financial support, food, clothing and practical item donations and hours of personal time given by our local community.

Nobody wants to be on the streets at this time of year. Help the Friary help the homeless, especially this Christmas.

You can take your empty ink cartridges and old mobile phones to our Cash 4 Cause recycling box in the  Co-op at Trent Bridge and we will give 100% of the value of your empty ink cartridges directly to support the Friary’s winter 2020 appeal.

Thank you

03 December 2020

Do you know where your cartridge came from and who made it?

We explain why this is important…

Everyday Ink & Toner cartridges are thrown away.

Depending on where they end up this can sometimes have serious effects on our environment and depending on how they were first manufactured they can even affect the air we breathe.

During manufacturing, printer cartridges are made with chemicals such as butyl urea, cyclohexanone and dyes that contain sulphur like “ethoxylated acetylenic diols which modify the surface tension of the water and colours; Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA) which is full of contaminants and ethylene glycol”.

Honest-Inks Ltd are the Number 1 printer cartridge supplier for the environment and our unique circular economy business model ensures that the best environmental & sustainable solution is always found and worked towards.

We do this by only working with a select few remanufacturers who like us genuinely care about the environment, when they remanufacture Ink or toner cartridges for us, we specifically request that our cartridges are tested for toxins and pass our emissions test.

It is important to know that the products your buying are safe and reliable and to do this we suggest the best way is to know who your buying them from.

25 November 2020

Reach Learning disability – Southwell

Reach is one of the great local charities we support and is a registered charity dedicated to supporting people with learning disabilities in Nottinghamshire. We work with almost 250 people to enable each individual to lead a happier and healthier life in their own community.

Reach began as Southwell Care Project in 1999. Since then we have grown in scale and impact across the county, yet our roots remain firmly planted in the community. Many of our trustees, staff and volunteers live locally to where we provide our services and some have caring responsibilities, so they really understand the importance of ongoing community support.

We recycle empty ink cartridges and old mobile phones to ensure that no cartridge ever ends up in landfill or incineration.

Passionate about making sure that the empty ink cartridges end up in the right hands, we guarantee that they go to the right places so if they can be reused again as a cartridge then we know they will be.

Why is this important?

The waste management hierarchy indicates an order of preference for action to reduce and manage waste, our unique circular economy business model ensures that the best environmental & sustainable solution is always found and worked towards.

We do this by recycling empties to raise money for good causes.

100% of the value we receive for the empty cartridges goes directly to the charity that the recycling box raises money for, in this case Reach leaning disability.

You can help us to support their great work by taking your empty ink cartridges and old mobile phones to our Cash 4 Cause recycling box at the Co-op in Southwell.

Thank you

23 November 2020

What is a Toner Cartridge?

toner cartridge, also called laser toner, is the consumable component of a laser printer. Toner cartridges contain toner powder, a fine, dry mixture of plastic particles, carbon, and black or other colouring agents that make the actual image on the paper. The toner is transferred to paper via an electrostatically charged drum unit and fused onto the paper by heated rollers during the printing process. It will not stain like ink cartridges, but it can get messy if handled improperly.

Laser printing is an electrostatic digital printing process. It produces high-quality text and graphics (and moderate-quality photographs) by repeatedly passing a laser beam back and forth over a negatively charged cylinder called a “drum” to define a differentially charged image.[1] The drum then selectively collects electrically charged powdered ink (toner), and transfers the image to paper, which is then heated in order to permanently fuse the text, imagery, or both, to the paper. As with digital photocopiers, laser printers employ a xerographic printing process. Laser printing differs from traditional xerography as implemented in analog photocopiers in that in the latter, the image is formed by reflecting light off an existing document onto the exposed drum.

Toner is a powder mixture used in laser printers and photocopiers to form the printed text and images on the paper, in general through a toner cartridge. Mostly granulated plastic, early mixtures only added carbon powder and iron oxide, however, mixtures have since been developed containing polypropylene, fumed silica, and various minerals for triboelectrification. Toner using plant-derived plastic also exists as an alternative to petroleum plastic.  Toner particles are melted by the heat of the fuser and are thus bonded to the paper.

Laser toner cartridges for use in colour copiers and printers come in sets of cyan, magenta, yellow and black (CMYK), allowing a very large colour gamut to be generated by mixing.